andrea schiavelli - souls on fire

andrea schiavelli is a musician and bedroom recording artist based in new york city. his latest release 'souls on fire' is a collection of demos, but as i find so often listening to music for MFOA, the demo is the record. 'souls on fire' is a varied collection, featuring a kaleidoscope of approaches to bedroom music making...there are moments of wry folk, psychedelicisms, 80's synths, and goth-pop nuances.

andrea has a feel for weird but deeply listenable home-made pop. this is the kind of lofi work that combines a stately neatness and attention to detail with the tape fuzz. i recommend this one highly. check out some preview tracks below. i am glad that one of them is 'falling off ship', a dark synth-pop jam that demanded me to hit rewind.

you can get this and a lot of other great releases on cassette from OSR tapes, but you have to do it the old fashioned way. get a catalog here.


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