cagey house - sometimes always never

i have to give cagey house some credit for describing their (his? i think this a one man band) album 'sometimes always never' in the most cryptic way i have seen lately:

'mellow free. this, while at summer playground. pattern cycle, grasping voices. waver, ascension, bell, string.'

to be fair, after hitting play i think that is as good a description as any. 'sometimes always never' seems to me to be at its heart a jazz album, but it has minimalist inspiration and contains elements of musique concrete. some of the tracks seem to be built on a foundation of jazz drumming, coupled with loose, fractured bits of electric piano melody, organ drones, and sometimes chanting. repeated sounds create a trance like atmosphere at times.

field recordings, conversations and street sounds can be heard in the background. some elements are subject to electronic manipulation. some tracks don't have the drums, all droning organs and chiming bells. maybe after reading the nonsense i just wrote, you understand why i think the artist's description is probably better.

get it for free here.


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