david ivan neil - the bradner numbers EP

i've featured bedroom (in this case, chicken shack) recordist david ivan neil before, and i was excited to hear more. he also recently sent me a very interesting lathe-cut plastic record with a some tunes from his last album, which my cheap turntable had a few issues playing due to it's small size.

the lathe-cut plastic record

his new work, 'the bradner numbers EP' retains the oustider aesthetic of his previous release 'new country home', but the songs, while recorded starkly with a guitar and voices, a touch of toy piano (very daniel johnston) and some cold sounding reverb, are more upbeat and rocking. the lyrics are strange and disorienting and are combined with some wild lalas and ohohs at times, adding to the outsider effect. i believe this EP was literally recorded outside. i recommend downloading this and also trying to track down one of those lathe-cut records.

get it here.


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