mike todd - euphrates

mike todd's 'euphrates' is the kind of song i really enjoy featuring on MFOA. mike, unlike the average  MFOA contributor, has not used digital/social media to craft an online artistic identity through which to promote his work. but i let him know how to get a track to me to feature, and it was worth it. if you read my updated 'about' section, you'd know this is fine with me, just some of your music, streaming, and little real message is all i need. anyway...

'euphrates' is a topical song, beautifully written and performed, that tells to story of humanity's gradual forsaking of our mother (the earth) from the time we started farming and building cities in the fertile crescent to the horrible warfare and rapacious resource extraction practices that happen there today. it's a poetic, moving song, and mike has a good voice and solid fingerstyle folk guitar skills. i'm glad this one made it through.

there are a few more songs on his youtube channel. this contribution is refreshing to me, and represents another facet of what this site is truly about.