cinchel - witnessing

'witnessing' by cinchel, available as a free download on pan y rosas discos, is aptly titled. it represents a form of digital witnessing, in this case of an art exhibit. it is a recording of the ambient sounds at the exhibit, but it is also a recording of those recordings being played back at the exhibit, as it goes on, day by day. this kind of recursive looping and layering of sound is a way to poke holes through reality, as william burroughs noted when he attempted to use a similar technique to sabotage a coffee shop he didn't like.

the method of composition is also similar to the famous sound experiment 'i am sitting in a room' by alvin lucier. very cool. 'witnessing' begins with the chatter of clear voices. by the end of the recording, it is a storm of abstract, looped noise.

get 'witnessing' for free here.


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