jep roadie - static in my headphones

a new jam from rapper jep roadie...i really like this one. minimal, atmospheric beat and emotional, clever stream-of-consciousness flow mixed with tight hooks. lyrically, there is a lot going on in this song, but i like the refrain 'i been puttin' money in the marijuana business, but my pockets still broke as fuck...i only eat brownies if there's marijauna in it'.

this mellow vibe contrasts with, but still makes sense alongside, the proclamation 'i wanna run up in the bank and ransack it, i wanna be the president, i know it can happen'. the moments of mellowness in this song conceal a frustration that can be felt in the rest of the song. the tension between the gains that have been made in the fight for racial justice in our society and the stubborn, hateful obstacles that remain in its way is captured in the cadence of these rhymes.

check the soundcloud for more.


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