tanya montana coe - silver bullet

tanya montana coe is the second of outlaw country legend david allen coe's kids i've covered here, having shared with you all the psych/drone/noise guitar experimentations (highly recommended) of his son, tyler mahan coe, some time ago.

if the 'psych/drone/noise guitar experimentations' didn't clue you in, these folks don't have any trouble stepping out from their dad's shadow in their own musical pursuits. 'silver bullet', the title track from tanya's debut album, is a noir/americana slow burner, hot like a dark summer night loaded down with humidity and the potential for bad news. this atmosphere is built out of shards of distorted guitars and a stalking back beat. it's not a country song but tanya adds a nashville drawl to her post-modern torch singing.

pre-order it here. check out a music video below.


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