the big drum in the sky religion - songs the ineffable taught us.

i'm always happy to receive new music from harrisonburg, virginia folk/noise/incantation band big drum in the sky religion. i love music that challenges the listener to feel the pulse of musicality among harshness and is similar to living life and it is spiritual to create and to listen to.

big drum in the sky religion deeply understands these truths about noise and music. their new album 'songs the ineffable taught us' begins with a sampled voice saying 'there is an aliveness', and then the music comes alive...buried deep within the layers of distorted guitars and, if i remember the live show correctly, home-rigged electric banjo, there is a pulsing, repetitive drum beat anchoring the storm, and bits and pieces of sampled voices provide fractured, alienated points of view. it is music to trance, and transport to. recommended.

get it here, digital or limited CDR.


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