c. strom - while we wait

i guess the great thing about the fact that i didn't have time to post here for two weeks is that my inbox filled up with great music that i am excited to listen to. near the top of the list is 'while we wait', a new batch of traditional folk songs from c. strom of norway.

i would not be exaggerating at all if i said that i consider c. strom to be my favorite current interpreter of traditional folk songs. i really don't know what else to say about it. these songs are important and he knows how to imbue them with real spiritual energy. energy, urgency, vitality.

when c. strom isn't doing his own interpretations, he is generously uploading his collection of 78's for us over at his 'sound of shellac' bandcamp site. there's a new installment of that too. an embarrassment of riches.

get more c. strom here.


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