electrician - what i don't want

i covered roving lofi genre-fucking musical recordist electrician's last album, 'billowing clouds', an abstract blend of stabbing and droning synth horns that virged on ambient, awhile back.  his new one, 'what i don't want', could not be more different. it's an ambitious blend of stripped down anti-folk and lofi electronica, with intensely personal lyrics and dark moods.

it's much easier to dig into immediately than 'billowing clouds', but it's edges are still razor sharp. highly recommended. i appreciate an artist working with whatever ways/means they are inspired regardless of the degree to which it departs from previous efforts, it's something i do and something i think consumers of art could stand to to leave space for in their interpretations.

pre-order it here, on lathe cut vinyl, cassette or digital.


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