phillip corner - gong/orella ears in catalunya

'gong/orella ears in catalunya' by phillip corner is extremely experimental music. it consists mostly of found sounds, although the casualness could belie a deliberate arrangement...grunts, coughs, shuffles, dripping water, objects being moved around and arranged, clinked and clacked, the occasional gong-like tone as mentioned in the title of the piece.

more so than perhaps anything i have ever posted, this piece challenges the listener to find ecstasy in the mundane, to hear music where we tend to think there ins't any. it's pretty cool.

download the whole thing for free here from pan y rosas discos.

a little side note: you might notice i post a lot of stuff from pan y rosas discos...well, yeah i do, because they continually send me this boundary pushing experimental music. they keep a huge variety and the most open of minds. and everything is FREE.


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