pulco - dip in the ocean

if you follow MFOA, you probably already know about pulco (AKA ash cooke), the welsh DIY multi-media artist with the insane work ethic. one side effect of being so prolific is that digging into his immense back catalog, while rewarding, is daunting.

ash has taken care of that by releasing 'dip in the ocean', a sort-of 'greatest hits' compilation of his most accessible work. reaching back over 15 years, it's a gold mine of fractured lofi pop, a fountain of melodic ideas. i'll make things even easier by recommending some of my favorites...i love the sugary slacker ballad 'wearing down well' and the bedroom drum machine power pop of 'open your wallets'. i can't recommend this introduction to pulco enough.

it's name your price, too, starting at free. no excuse! get it here.


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