rosalind hall and ada rave - a trail, a texture

'a trail, a texture' by rosalind hall and ada rave is a set of complimentary saxophone improvisations/experiments. both pieces take the instrument into uncharted territory. rosalind hall's long form piece 'trails' stretches the possibilities of the sax to their breaking point using reverb and feedback to create a haunting sonic environment. it barely sounds like a saxophone, but i think albert ayler would get it.

ada rave's piece 'the texture of the ephemeral' is more traditional, as far as tradition goes in free improvised solo saxophone music. you can hear the grit of the instrument, the skronk of the reed, the gurgle of spit, the clattering of other items in the room. this makes it a perfect flip side to the ghostly feedback of rosalind's 'trails'.

get it here for free from pan y rosas discos.


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