TV dads - all skate!

what do we have here? it's a concept album about roller rinks from a concept 'band' called TV dads (a project of austin based DIY composer/musician/video artist ian mckinney). it's very 1991. many of you MFOA readers might too young to really know/have experienced the references here, but thanks to the post-post-modern media hellscape we live in, you are very familiar with the simulacra of '90's' that has been memed to the point of intoxication. the thing about this album is that it's really 80's style, but you experienced this at roller rinks in the early 90's, because roller rinks are out-of-date, low rent places.

personally, i am old enough to have been dropped off at the roller rink in my reebok pumps for the birthday party of some girl with really poorly thought out bangs when i was 11 so i feel this album.

get it on cassette (duh!) or digital here.


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