bill mackay & ryley walker - land of plenty

'land of plenty' by guitarists bill mackay & ryley walker is an album that grew organically, from living room jams to a weekly show at a bar into a carefully crafted live album. if you are following the burgeoning scene of instrumental guitar music inspired by the american primitive tradition, you might already know both these players, and you are probably already excited to hear the collaboration.

you won't be disappointed. on the title track, provided as a preview, their guitars blend together like two silver mountain streams flowing into one another, riffing on a cascading theme that seems to blend celticisms with country blues vibes resulting in something that wouldn't sound out of place as a snippet of a grateful dead song. the dynamics in the tune put the musical communication between bill and ryley on display. harmonized notes practically gleam. highly recommended. this kind of music is by its nature usually performed solo, it is exciting to hear two players with such sensibilities collaborate.

get it here from the whistler records.


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