fall break records double post - richard gumby and dead neighbors

fall break records is an athens, georgia based tape label that consistently releases some great, outside the box psych rock/pop, specifically from two bands i've really enjoyed, dj dingo suzi and attic fowler. they have two new releases out right now, one from bedroom pastiche-rock project richard gumby and one from post punk band dead neighbors. i'm gonna break them down for you below.

richard gumby's 'hardrive' is a varied album, somewhat like going through the hard drive of someone's personal computer at warp speed, only being able to observe snatches of the volumes of various media contained there.

the music alternates jarringly between uptempo, scuzzy power pop/punk tunes and spaced out psych rock, with a patchwork of sounds, field recordings and words in between that create an experience that is cohesive through being so fractured.

get it here, cassette or digital (digital will cost you $666.66).

dead neighbors represent a different side of the musical coin with their self titled tape, taking a lofi, no frills recording approach to their stripped down rock.

it's direct, straight forward punk rock with a bit of a jangle blasted out in tight power trio style with a lofi haze stuck to everything. very good.

get the cassette or the mp3s here. check out everything on fall break records!


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