joplin rice - make up call

'make up call' is the lead single from the new album 'hurricane alaska' by kentucky singer/songwriter joplin rice. you might remember joplin because i have covered his music here a lot and i released his last album 'low hum' as the flagship tape on my label practice records (still a few available).

garage, rock

i'm excited to share this new tune, mainly because it's really good. joplin seems to have gone electric and his country/slacker/rock shredding skills are on full display here, some real sensitive playing; as is his ear for melody, loose limbed rhythm, and warm, homemade production. and the rest of the album ain't slouching. don't sleep on it, 'hurricane alaska' will be available 9/18. i wish i was in the position to release this on practice records, but joplin has hinted to me that a limited physical edition might be in the works.

check out the back catalogue here. buy 'low hum' on cassette here.


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