set self on fire - to bathe in embers

set self on fire is an experimental, four piece free-improv ensemble. on their album 'to bathe in embers', they make protest music in the great tradition of free jazz, reminding me a bit of the approach of fellow chicagoans the art ensemble of chicago.

i like the music a lot, twisted prepared guitars, samples, keys and and horns coalescing around drums, but i think this quote from their the lurker bias (their label) bandcamp page says it all:

"The world is a mess. and what's worse is that to a certain extent society would have us be complacent of this fact. however, it is up to us that are aware to stand up and say something in protest against the madness. in that spirit set self on fire is the musical equivalent of self-immolation."

i like that a lot.

get it here, digital or on a very nearly sold out hand dubbed cassette.


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