the ghosts of johnson city - am i born to die

the ghosts of johnson city are a traditionally minded folk band from portland, maine. the music on their new album 'am i born to die' is on the haunting and dark spectrum of folk. this vibe is enhanced by the presence of the not-so-common harmonium, which provides a dirge-like drone to each song that reinforces the feeling of appalachian dread.

the mysterious songwriters of american traditional folk songs covered many subjects but there were a few that they tended to focus on, usually for unsurprising cultural/social reasons. one of those focus points was death; early, violent and tragic. that is the vein of american roots music being mined in the murder ballads and come all you's of the ghosts of johnson city.

'am i born to die' comes out 10/20. pre-order one here.


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