the modern folk at the kenton club

last week i put on the first ever modern folk music of america live event, a four band bill of rock'n'roll at north portland's world famous kenton club.

flyer by kathryn ginther

it was a good time and i thank everyone that came out. for those of you who follow this spot but couldn't make it, i took some photos and videos to fill you in.

the breakfast cowboy

wett nurse

each band brought it's own musical perspective to the show. i could describe them, but i think instead i'll let the performances speak for themselves. here is crummy, a band that formed not too long before this show, and had a guitar heavy classic rock vibe:

here is high-energy garage psych band wett nurse. their latest album 'hissy fit' is available on cassette from ongakubaka records. was excited to see them because i like the tape a lot, and they killed it:

here is the breakfast cowboy, with his wry and fractured solo power pop. a brilliant songwriter, he has a way with chords and melodies. check out this song, and check out his band king pedestrian:

and here we are (the modern folk) playing our newest, longest song, 'temptation of st. anthony jam'. i was pretty drunk at this point.

i hope that a good time was had by all. i would like to do more of these in the future featuring more artists i have covered here and varying combinations of styles. check out some more videos from the show over at the MFOA youtube channel.


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