buck gooter - first decade

if you have been reading my posts here for awhile, you know i am a big fan of virginia industrial punk duo buck gooter. these classification-bucking road dawgs, true anti-pillars of the underground, have been a band now for ten years and for that momentous occasion the luminous feeding tube records has seen fit to release 'first decade', a compilation of ten songs, one from each year of buck gooter's existence.

it's a really fun record to listen to as it lets you hear this band mutate and grow at a metastatic creative rate around a consistent core. the home recorded opening track 'cigarats' might sound naive compared to the deep, don zientara produced, bleak, industrial isolation of their newer material such as 'consider the grackles' (the title track from my favorite BG record) but you can hear the thing that makes this band, a life affirming, organically psychedelic anger that is directly opposed to rot, shit, and complacent-bland-whateverness (to me a very similar psychic vibe as original DC hardcore) from the very first mechanical drum beat and crunchy wave of guitar. it's often been true that if you go to a BG show with 4 bands total you walk away thinking 'i just saw buck gooter and 3 other bands...' if you know what i mean. i'm still waiting for someone to convince there is a more punk band in existence. here's to another decade.

pre-order the LP from feeding tube records (check out the description, better than what i wrote, by frequent BG tour mate j. frye of PC worship).


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