dr. something - tomorrow's just fiction

dr. something (AKA alison dennis) is a portland based singer/songwriter. her latest release is called 'tomorrow's just fiction', a 4 song EP available on self released cassette. the first half of the tape is fairly minimalistic and, to quote a bandcamp tag, melancholy in feel, featuring alison's piano/synth skills, songwriting sensibilities, and at times operatic voice on a bare-bones stage.

this makes the tune '91' stand out for it's production; drums, background singing and a number of woodwinds add to the drama of this song that begins with alison singing about thunder. i like the synth-pop action of 'foster nitez' as well, and its subject matter. what resident of portland hasn't had one or many 'foster nitez' of their own. this is the song from which the album title is drawn...when you are out boozing, 'tomorrow's just fiction, till i can see the sun rise'...been there!

get it here on cassette or digital.


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