howard blake - s/t

howard blake is an experimental recording artist from philadelphia, pennsylvania. his self titled debut is one of the creepiest contributions i've ever gotten. ultra-minimalist tracks, single beats composed out of bits of voices form a base for isolated, bitter, misanthropic rants in an art-brut-meets-hip-hop cadence. i think the second song, 'HOT', is a parody and/or tribute to eminem.

there are a lot of 'controversial' things and some violent imagery at play in the songs, and these themes are right in your face due to the extremely minimal production. this is the kind of music that makes you sit and face the things it evokes, makes you reckon with it. it feels very much like it's of this time, the raw immediacy of it might be what makes it more uncomfortable. it's weird, gripping and unsettling. recommended but not for the faint of heart. i've never had to write this before, but there is a chance you could be offended by this. posting it anyway.

get it here.


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