hush muhney - life's work

hush muhney is a one woman experimental bedroom recording project from chicago. the latest album is called 'life's work', a spacey, lofi collection of loosely produced songs that are intimate and distant at once. it opens kind of cold, the first track 'i luv . . .' is a sparse instrumental, but as it goes on, the songs begin to coalesce around their own ideas of what it means to be a rock or pop song.

there are solid moments to grasp on to as well...the mid-way track 'hell is slow' is like a shoegaze/hip-hop jam, and 'lethargy (summer trash)' is accomplished home made slacker punk. hush muhney has a lot of moves and has filled 'life's work' with strange musical ideas of a high order. highly recommended.

name your price for it here.


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