new stuff from the modern folk (the band)

i have a couple updates from the side of this where i make music myself, as opposed to write about all the wonderful stuff you all are making:

in early september i was blessed by a gift from my wife to head back to the east coast and hang out with some of my friends i rarely see, as well as my brother. we put a set together and played a show at the bar i used to work at, formerly the blue nile, now the golden pony.

a live recording was made. i love it. me, my main collaborator, my brother, and one of my favorite drummers. a once in a lifetime feeling. please listen:

additionally, the excellent net label for experimental compositions, pan y rosas discos, saw fit to release my album of prepared guitar music, for which i am very grateful and honored. check that out here.

thanks for reading the modern folk music of america.


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