the blunder of a horse - zoantrophi

the blunder of a horse is an 'organic space folk ensemble'. their latest album 'zoantrophi' seems to be an exploration of world folk through a psychedelic lens. the first song, 'interrolang', is a duo improvisation (i'm guessing) for recorders. the effect is like an unsettling acid, or culturally speaking, ayahuasca, trip for your ears. these andean space program vibes give way to a maximal repetitive drone in the next song 'continuum; unnatural', created by the interplay of amplified acoustic guitar and prepared dulcimer, that might pass for the blunder's take on appalachia.

the instrumentation on this album is very innovative (and well documented at the bandcamp...'liner notes' can still be important in the digital age), using folk instruments from all over the world to create a variety textures from overwhelming drones to burbling instrumental interplay. very psychedelic, highly recommended.

get it here.


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