the lucies - you must be great at parties

i've covered lofi bedroom recording project the lucies (AKA alexander ramirez) a few times, and they have completed an exciting new album called 'you must be great at parties'. the first song is a homemade wall of sound style piece, with the horn arrangements built from keyboards (i think), which give way into the loose-limbed jam that is 'pacific', an album highlight. i also dig the song of youth, 'my limbs are long'. and the acid-country lope of 'cosmonaut>we left there pt. 2'. so much good shit here.

this is alexander's best work yet. advanced in songwriting, rhythmic and melodic feel, and playing. for an album crafted solo from overdubs in a home studio on which most songs are less than 3 minutes long, there are amazing jammed out vibes. solid work, highly recommended.

name your price for it here. take the suggestion on the bandcamp and check it out once or twice with headphones.


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