lero - in sunset a glow glory

lero is an experimental/lofi band from ontario that describes their degree of noise as 'varying'...some of their albums being more straightforward than others. they were not hyping a new recording in particular, so i decided to check out 'in sunset a glow glory', their second-to-newest release, and it seems to fall on the noisier side of noise, at least in that it eschews song structure in favor of soundscape.

lero's guitar

it's not an abrasive noise album though, it has a mellow presence that feels somehow like a dry mist...a contradiction, but easy enough to swallow. it features distant, abstract guitar figures over undulating drifts of textured sound. recommended. the latest (slightly) more song-y effort is 'take home dream', on which the soundscapes at times give way to spectral folk meditations.

get it all here.


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