i don't wanna leave (no no)

'i don't wanna leave (no no)' is a spontaneously written/recorded song done with a power trio configuration of the modern folk. i make music under the same name as this website, and i post it here, because i do both things for the same reasons. also appearing on this release are are 'volcano ritual' and 'suicide music'. recorded in live on a tascam 464, no overdubs.

don't wanna leave (no no)
did we know what we were doing
could we admit it
when we wrote the volcano ritual
can we admit it now
are we now singing
the suicide blues

it's a practice record.

anther - demo

anther is a portland, oregon based rock band. i met their drummer after practice with another band i recently started playing bass in. after hearing anther's three song demo, i was instantly a fan. their music combines an excellent sense of melody and rock/pop songwriting with post-punk and riot grrrl grooves and heavy, fuzzy tones.

i even sense vibes of the best of early emo in their sound, perhaps just because i have been going through a serious phase with that stuff. either way i highly recommend downloading anther's demo which will get you excited for their debut album, which is the post-production phase right now.

get it here.

skyjelly - skyjelly and sun

skyjelly is an eclectic boston based band that creates many different modes of experimental rock. their album 'skyjelly and sun' is a recommended mind melter. their semi-electronic grunge/psych sounds can go from harsh to delicate, incorporating drum machines and found sound samples along with organic jamming and whirling eastern melodies.

coming in at four tracks, i wish 'skyjelly and sun' was longer. the last track, 'peshawar (astral)' has a particularly special stomp to it. skyjelly reminds me of the relentlessly experimental psych acts of the 80's, such as butthole surfers and sun city girls.

get it here.

jeremy tuplin - open letters

jeremy tuplin is a UK based singer/songwriter. his newest EP 'open letters' is available now from resonating wood recordings. jeremy's deep, emotive voice is the star of this album. it has a singularity to it that makes me think of singers like nick cave and leonard cohen.

lush contemporary folk production, with droning organs and woody drums, backs it up. the mood is somber and the distinctive vocals have a warm gravitas. occasional female harmony back-up vocals work well.

get it here, CD or download.

alyssa kai - contingency

'contingency' is the latest album by massachusetts writer/performer alyssa kai. it's an extremely personal folk/rock record with varied avante-garde sounds. it has some anti-folk leanings, but it's heavier than most music in that genre.

there was some production help on this from underground analog studio champion john vanderslice, so it sounds really good in an organic way. there are some great touches; blown out drums, weird piano parts, big electric guitars at times, that accompany the sometimes harrowing journey of the intimate lyrics and dark themes. i don't mean to oversell the darkness, alyssa is not without a sense of humor, in the tradition of anti-folk that blends the down-home jokes of old-time talking blues with the sarcasm of punk rock. recommended.

get it here. digital for now, vinyl released planned on gray sky micropress.

man called war - broken circle EP

man called war is the stage name of iowa songwriter rob kelly. his newest EP is called 'broken circle'. the music is somber in tone; moody, dark songs produced in dark, lonely atmospheres, like the mist in the light of a dim streetlight on an empty street at night.

some of the melodies remind me of radiohead in the 'kid a' phase. rob's voice is malleable, it can go from fragile to assured, as suits the needs of the tales he tells. the quote from mystical/romantic poet rainer maria rilke that appears on the man called war bandcamp is not out of place. the title track is a trippy take on the well worn traditional 'can the circle be unbroken'. this album is a slow burner.

get it here.

tough old bird - gambling days

'gambling days' is the third album by NY state folk/rock band tough old bird. it's full of rootsy songs about the america of days past, drawing on the influences of folk, blues and country music.

what makes tough old bird stand out is their musicianship. they are sharp but retain a nice swing to their rhythm playing, their melodic touches and solos are intricate, and they really know their way around a soft, laurel canyon style harmony. this makes sense when you realize the principal members of the band are brothers, which seems to allow them a special fraternal level of musical communication.

get it here.

stevie pre - TAL batch 1

stevie pre is a genre-blending life-long music creator from new jersey. his latest work is a group of what might be called incidental music or scores for the godfather of whimsical, quasi-anthropological investigative journalism podcasts, this american life.

when you listen to 'TAL batch 1', you can almost hear when the music would fade out and the voice of an NPR person talking about a weird farmer or something (i'm making fun but i love TAL) would come in. but what's great about having this music by itself is that sometimes you find yourself wishing that the voice would never fade in, and now you have the opportunity to revel in the chill sounds by themselves. recommended.

check out more from stevie pre here.

snowball II - can i come (video)

snowball II is a shoegaze band based in LA. i appreciate that their name is a reference to lisa simpson's cat. anyway, their newest tune is a dreamy psychedelic anthem called 'can i come'.

it's easy to sink into the glacial guitars, pounding drums, and banks of soaring, reverby vocals of this recording, but it seems that a lot of care has also been put into some strange synth/tape loop/electronic action that bubbles and drones beneath the surface, rewarding a close listen. comes with a suitably trippy video.

get it here.

kye alfred hillig - to be good

'to be good' is the newest single by tacoma, washington based singer/songwriter kye alfred hillig. it's an upbeat alt-country musing on what it means to be a good person in our confusing world. a pedal steel lick is out in front of the roots/rock production.

check it out below:

get it here.

life on land - i'd have you

life on land is a montreal based indie-folk band. 'i'd have you' is the single from their debut record 'a season'. it's an upbeat song but its rhythmic feel is at odds with a natural melancholy inherent in the singer's voice.

this tension gives the romantic lyrics more weight. some of the tension is broken by a folksy harmonica breakdown towards the end.

get it here.

steven deeds - shaman of the creek

'shaman of the creek' is the newest song from st. louis, missouri based musician steven deeds. the song has expansive, mystical new age folk vibes to go with the arcane title.

the song begins with silvery finger-picked guitar, which is joined by atmospheric strings, water noises, ghostly vocals, distant bells and chimes, a snare drum rustling like dry leaves...all manner of musical touches that help to create a magical but earthly atmosphere.

get steven's music here.

aaron davidson - sweet little thing

aaron davidson is a singer/songwriter from chicago. his newest song is called 'sweet little thing'.

it's a romantic folk love song with relaxed production, characterized by some shimmering, classically inspired acoustic leads, a tight rhythm section, and wide-sounding doubled vocals.

get it here.

fergheart - my retro weekend

fergheart is an LA based singer/songwriter. his latest release is a 7" single called 'my retro weekend'. the title track is a laid back folk/pop shuffle that celebrates the idea of taking a break and enjoying the enduring, simple pleasures of life. the lyrical themes match the physical format of the release.

the production is fleshed-out contemporary americana, complete with a wistful trumpet melody that joins in at the end of the song.

get the random color 7" here. listen to the b side and a handful of other tunes here.

howard blake - freak

howard blake is an recording artist from philadelphia that deals with extremely confrontational lyrical themes. as i did when i posted about him before, i gotta say, there is certain content in this EP that might bother some people (it was banned from soundcloud?). there is content that i would object to, but i am going to give it the benefit of the doubt that there is a conceptual angle.

a contender for best artist profile picture for sure

this one is a little different than the last one, there is more production in that the uncomfortable, angry screeds, full of images of semi-urban bleakness and alienation, are spoken/rapped over seemingly canned techno-ish and metal/rock music that appears at inconsistent volumes from song to song. having moved on bit from the extreme minimalism of the 1st EP, this sound is reminiscent of sleaford mods. howard has a talent for infusing mundane and everyday scenes and feelings with a strange menace. what he says might be hard to hear but it sounds honest. he has some newer stuff that you can stream here on his tumblr, and plans for a new full length album with a band.

get it here.

jared nueve - glorified

bedroom recordist jared nueve is back with a standalone single called 'glorified'. it's a lofi garage rocker, with insistent drums driving a slashing guitar rhythm.

the vocals are buried deep in drifts of reverb and distortion, perfect for the whoops that accompany the guitar chops. a short but sweet sun-burnt guitar meltdown appears near the end.

get it here.

enema noise - s/t

brasilian noise/metal band enema noise is back with a self titled EP to start off 2016. the brief five songs are full of angular post-punk/prog grooves, heavy noise breakdowns, and melodic passages.

the drumming is particularly awesome on this EP. 'azarnoazar' ends with an impressive noise squall.

get it here.

dandelion lakewood - by myself

dandelion lakewood (AKA bowl of dust) is a rambling songwriter (one of his tunes features the refrain 'transients and travelers shall inheret the earth'). his latest album 'by myself' is a psychedelic spiritual musing. the 1st song, 'thank you', has vibrations of religious appreciation and and blessedness that remind me of george harrison's 'my sweet lord'. the entirety of 'by myself' has a feeling of meditation, and animistic, shamanic connection with the earth.

pretty cool to sink into. it's important to remember everything is connected and that religion aside there is something mystical about our relationship with earth. dandelion seems to have dedicated these five songs to remembering that. oh yeah, and the sounds range from freak-folk to more upbeat bedroom rock.

get it here.

sophomore lounge double post - lantern and footings

kentucky based label sophomore lounge records is a friend of MFOA and they sent me some singles from some upcoming releases. here they are in a double post.


first up is lantern, a long running philadelphia trio with many small label releases under their belt. 'we are here', the single from their new album 'black highways and green garden roads', is a retro psych/pop freak-out. the atmospheric harmonies, surfy guitar riffs and dense organs will remind you of of the jams from the seminal nuggets collection. the recording itself is sensitive to this aesthetic, and i imagine the LP will sound great.

next is footings, the recording project of  massachusetts/new hampshire songwriter eric gagne. their new album is called 'alienation', and will be available on cassette from sophomore lounge. the single 'SY', is a moody, textured song, with ominous viola drones and tom waits-ish percussion moves.

pre-order both of 'em from sophomore lounge records.

defkid - sundog EP and mooncat EP

i'm gonna post both these EPs from chicago bedroom recordist defkid because the titles seem to indicate that they have some kind of thematic relationship. 'sundog' is drifting, washed-out noise/folk. feelings of somnambulism and stasis pervade the recording in the floating guitar lines and monotonous crunchy synth drones that make up the atmosphere for folk songs that sound like they are sung from a hypnotic trance.

'mooncat' is a more grounded collection, somewhat less bonged out and more acoustic bedroom folk. psychedelic touches still remain around the fringes. there are still sonic experiments, but they are shorter in form and the focus is sharper, the tones are dryer. i recommend checking out both sides of this coin.

get both EPs here.

art of flying - escort mission

eclectic new mexico duo art of flying is back with a new tune called 'escort mission' that will likely end up on a future full length. art of flying summons up a sound that is difficult to categorize; i want to call it 'post-folk'. the music is patient and atmospheric, but organic. the themes are natural and earthy.

this song has a nice vocal performance, the singer reminds me of a less raspy marianne faithfull. art of flying makes songs that are approachable and laid back to experience but also rich with musical and intellectual ideas.

get it here.

youth policy - wanderer's waltz

youth policy is an LA based folk act dealing in whispery harmonies and softly plucked acoustic guitars, harkening back to some of the indie/folk that was very popular during the first decade of the 2000's. 'wanderer's waltz' is the single from their new album 'time has told me'. it's a misty, melancholic tune with a dreamy instrumental passage of quiet, bubbly guitar picking as its outro.

youth policy is kind of mysterious, my extremely cursory research has yielded no further websites or soc meeds beyond the soundcloud, so go there to listen to more. i dig that minimal presence but bandcamp is better!

aaron tinjum and the tangents

DC based folk rockers aaron tinjum and the tangents have a brand new album out now called 'foreign and domestic'. the well developed songs deal with themes of travel and relationships, a perennial favorite subject matter for rootsy singer/songwriters.

the production is full-on contemporary americana, which fits the material like a glove. the bitter, broken-love tune 'queen double standard', which contains the titular 'foreign and domestic' line in its lyrics, is a great 'folk/rock break-up song with DC vibes', a category i had not thought of before.

get it here.

2015 tape selections and 2016 tapes I-V

here is some lofi stuff i have recorded recently doing some experiments with tapes. it's mostly instrumental drone/noise/folk.


'2015 tape selections' was taken from recordings made on a panasonic 830b hand held tape recorder during 2015. the tapes used to make the recordings were old and decayed, which created variations in recording quality and ambient sounds.

'2016 tapes I-V' was recorded just this month on a tascam 464. they represent a soundtrack to a movie that plays in the listener's head; a real soundtrack to an imaginary movie. these songs were recorded on new tapes, so ambient sounds are consistent.

get them here. also available at practice records. there are more songs i am working on that i am excited about. if you want to check out a rough mix, you can download that here.

new boss - home problems

fuzzed-out western virginia power-pop/glam-rock band new boss put out two good cassettes in 2015; a collection of demos that appeared as a split cassette with fellow virginians borrowed beams of light, and a full length called 'twee boogie vol. I & II' that was one of my favorite records of the year. their new album 'home problems' (pre-order the cassette here from funny/not funny records) has fully realized versions of songs from the split cassette as well as some new material. the high-brow pop and glam moves are on full blast for this release.

chord heavy songs with huge guitar riffs, keyboard hooks and intricate vocal arrangements stay just on the rocking side of baroque. the multi-headed ghost god of the recently departed and deeply missed david bowie haunts this album for sure. my favorite song is probably 'raw ramp', a non-cover of a t. rex b-side. 'rock n' roll pt. 3' is a heavy jam as well.

digital here, cassette pre-order here.

scott william - the next time i leave

scott william is a singer/songwriter based in chicago. his new album, out this month, is called 'next time i leave'. it's personal folk music in the gritty troubadour tradition, using rootsy, rambling instrumentation to tell melancholy stories of love and distance. true to the album title, the theme of departure is a heavy presence.

there is a deep gravel to scott's voice that goes with the fluid banjo, rippling mandolin runs, and moaning harmonica of the more maximally produced songs and that stands alone in the stripped down ones.

get it here.

buck gooter - eat my isolation (video)

the stark industrial surface of buck gooter's 'eat my isolation', from their latest LP 'the spider's eyes', reveals its own kind of subtleties. the spaces between the pounding beats allow time to notice the decay of the reverb on the rigid drum machine and the textures in terry turtle's fried blues/punk riffage. there is room within this stripped down electrical dirge to ponder how the lyrics meld with this landscape.

the screams and proclamations interact with the music...'sometimes it's all i've got, ringing like a siren'...and a strangely organic tinny bell goes one-two-three in time with the drum machine slams. the vibe is completely present. the song is accompanied here by some gritty super-8 tour footage, the bleak american landscapes fit the music well, but so do the shots of musicians having fun/living on the road, somehow.

get 'the spider's eyes' here.

hollow hand - ancestral lands

hollow hand is a psych/rock/folk band from london. their new album 'ancestral lands' just came out on ongakubaka records. their music is lush with swirling guitars and pastoral vibes.

the songs are rhythmically and melodically dense with prog flourishes and eastern embellishments. the vocals are delivered in airy harmony. i enjoy the mellow melancholy of the third track 'later you'll know'.

get it on limited edition cassette here.

gar clemens - cricket hill

gar clemens is a chicago based singer/songwriter. 'cricket hill' is his debut full length album. gar takes a patient and measured approach to his dust covered story-songs of middle american dread, and that patience pays off in slabs of overcast atmosphere.

his voice has the gravel and weight you want it to in order to tell these tales. the production touches are sparse, but at the right times, they come down like a thunder storm in the desert. a great debut, recommended.

get it here.

ben lowry - somnium

ben lowry is a nashville based singer/songwriter, but not in the mainstream country sense. the sounds on his new album 'somnium' are eclectic but seem to be rooted in a sense of americana. a loosely plucked banjo is consistent through the variety of tones.

the lush acoustic production and the dark twists and turns of the mysterious and winding songs impart a subtle psychedelia. some fine harmonies here and there add to the full atmosphere.

get it here.

alice hui-sheng and jason kahn - voices

'voices' by alice hui sheng and jason kahn, stretches the definitions and expectations involved in recorded vocal performance. the songs here are vocal improvisations, with no electronic manipulation. the sounds are unexpected, unsettling, and uncanny.

this music forces the listener to reckon with the fact that these sounds are coming from people. 'voices' is extremely physical, creating and intimate relationship between listener and instrument. the dark wonder of 'voices' comes from the fact that the instruments here are human bodies.

get it here for free from pan y rosas discos.

replica jesus - everything rots

derby, UK heavy rock band replica jesus is back with their second digital single, 'everything rots'. from the sound of this thing, these guys were probably pretty bummed about the recent passing of lemmy kilmister, the legendary bassist of motorhead and hawkwind.

this is some loud, tough rock with a menacing psychedelic side. the b-side, 'tonight we play god (parts 1 & 2)' is a thrash rock concept epic that pushes eight minutes.

get it here.

unqualified nurse band - dilemma blues

for their new EP 'dilemma blues', prolific noise/punk act unqualified nurse, from derby, UK, has added a rhythm section and become unqualified nurse band. the overwhelming distortion and nihilistic vibes have not changed, but the addition of drums and bass has given the material dynamics that the solo project didn't have.

while unqualified nurse succeeded on the atmosphere of extreme isolation, rage and dread that the recordings imparted, unqualified nurse band is some real slammin' shit around music. the excellent final track, 'regression' even has some garage rock riffs. they've tipped the scale slightly further to the punk side of noise/punk with this release, and it works well. they seem to have stuck to their policy of extremely short songs, so it won't take up a lot of your time. highly recommended.

get it here.

kjartan bue - i'll talk it over with mommy

kjartan bue is a singer/songwriter from denmark. his newest song 'i'll talk it over with mommy' is a twanging and droning freak-folk ramble.

percussive, raga style picking, rattly slide playing and burbling piano combine for an organically psychedelic soundscape over which kjartan sings his hippy-type musings about funny clouds and vibes.

listen to more of kjartan's scandinavian forest-psych here. there is some wicked acoustic shredding on 'man riding backwards'.

sonder saloon - who you are (video)

sonder saloon is an LA based folk trio. their new album 'mackinaw' was recorded in a secluded cabin in the mountains of utah.

the lead single, 'who you are', is a harmony rich tune with droney instrumentals driven by an ominous banjo line. it's joined with haunting public domain footage in the accompanying video.

you can get 'mackinaw' here.

eliot eidelman - 5 spirits

eliot eidelman is a rambling songwriter whose latest album is called '5 spirits'. there are a range of vibes present...lonely folk, gentle pastoral psychedelia, frenzied rock, all done in a novel way. the lyrics have a dark-cosmic-americana point-of-view. eliot's singing can go from a relaxed drawl to a frantic yelp as needed.

as much as i try to eschew comparisons, between the lap steel, back beat, and loose-slung guitars, this thing will hit some of your ditch-era neil young or palace-era will oldham (or somewhere in between) buttons. 'laura' is a heavy jam. recommended. tons of lyrical references bob dylan fans will catch.

get it here.

tony manard - sedan deville season one

memphis, tennessee singer/songwriter tony manard recorded his latest album in a non-functional cadillac deville in his backyard. it sounds down-home, the production constrained by the car to his gritty voice and a couple tracks of country blues picking. tony also added a narrative frame...the songs serve as episodes in a series, telling the stories of different characters who may have ridden in the deville.

i think tony found the right muse in this broken down icon of the american road. there is a real atmosphere to this album. recommended. it also has really great bandcamp liner notes.

get it here.

schizo fun addict/the bordellos - kassette

'kassette' is actually a split album by UK band the bordellos and new jersey band schizo fun addict. both bands are long running, eclectic, genre-screwing DIY recording projects, so the pairing here is pretty natural.

the bordellos (who contacted me about this) side of the tape is some nice downer tascam folk/rock; shambling handheld percussion , chunky guitars and slacker vocals. the SFA side varies from lofi free rock to electronica. the tape as a whole is really good, and the proceeds go to a children's charity. this one is recommended.

get it here.

jenni lark - adulthood

jenni lark is a singer/songwriter hailing from the bay area who is currently based in new york. her latest EP is called 'adulthood'. jenni has a jazz-style vocal delivery that is complimented by the rhythm section of her studio band.

the title of 'adulthood' indicates the themes the album deals with. it's a collection of introspective songs about the problems of growing up.

get it here.

leah brooke - royal jelly

leah brooke is a singer/songwriter from madison/wisconsin. on her new album 'royal jelly', she combines wordy/witty lyrics and an expressive vocal presence with indie rock production moves.

it's a well developed, fully realized album and a good showcase for her ability to capture a variety of moods in her songs, from ominous and dark ('abalone shells') to lightheartedly fatalistic ('live til you die'). the lyrics are full of strange, evocative imagery.

listen to more here.

nino polizzi - when the river thaws

nino polizzi is a singer/songwriter from illinois. his latest EP is called 'when the river thaws'. it's an intimate collection of personal folk tunes with earthy production that matches nino's deep and resonant voice well.

the title track is full of mournful emotion.

listen to more of nino's songs here.

vorsen - live a little lie

vorsen is an australian band whose debut EP is due out next month. they've shared a tune called 'live a little lie' by way of a preview.

it's a melancholy pop ballad with nice male/female vocal dynamics. the production is very smooth.

get updates about vorsen here.

windmills - willow ridge

'willow ridge' is the third EP of 2015 for the prolific san fransisco lofi act windmills, but the first they've sent to me, which they did just moments ago on twitter. luckily i'm full of coffee and ready to go here.

'willow ridge' is classic tascam portastudio bedroom folk. sad songs with atmospheric melodies made of plucked guitars and airy keyboards poking out of drifts of tape hiss. sounds like cold grey mornings and late, heavy-lidded nights. some whispery, tapey, melancholy business.

get 'willow ridge' and more here.

mr. crane - good ol' days

mr. crane is a one-man-recording-band who has recently relocated from the frozen plains of the boston area to berkely, california. his new album 'good ol' days' was recorded while he still remained on the east coast over the course of the past year and is now available for the dawn of 2016. it's a great soundtrack for gazing into the hazy future. mr. crane has laid down some sunny, upbeat, psychedelic pop here (not that there aren't more meditative moments, like the spacey 'outside').

these 13 tunes are full of funky synth hooks, dance rhythms, slacker-prince vocals, and a paisley train load of reverb. there are also some heavy glam rock moves ('james randi') in the blend. it's hard for me not to be reminded of beck. it's a carefully sculpted homemade sound...mr. crane was kind enough to give me some mixing advice on something i'm working on recently, he seems to have a good ear for DIY audio engineering.

name your price for it here.

daniel barbiero - not one nor

'not one nor' is an experimental recording based on certain rules and gestures for double bass by DC based composer daniel barbiero. the results are long-form, glacially paced and hyper focused on the experience of the instrument.

i feel like i should copy the explanation from the bandcamp page ('liner notes' still matter!):

'not one nor' presents two works made of discrete events foregrounding the materiality of a large string instrument in its role as a resonating chamber. both pieces are constructed out of a limited number of gestures and/or pitches and points on the instrument’s geography with the intention of producing an immersion in sound as material, interspersed with contrasting pauses. 'not one nor' for prepared double bass calls for shifting variations in timbre through the use of three gestures corresponding to three different regions of the instrument. 'eighteen events for double bass' alternates eighteen prescribed sound actions with an equal number of non-actions to create an image of the flux of aural perception.

i'me guessing the title refers to the three gestures used to create the recording. i always enjoy when i get contributions from the fringes of classical music. as the explanation suggests, a close listening to this piece re-creates the physical presence of the lone instrument.

get it here. more about daniel here.

the west texas revival group - my new home

ohio lofi anti-folkers the west texas revival group are back with a new album called 'my new home'. wordy songs with a dark, weird sense of humor.

great cover art

sometimes finger picking in folk/blues mode, sometimes punk strumming. always lofi and homemade. seems loosely like a concept album about the search for a home.

get it here.

mormon toasterhead - slack tide

more today from mormon toasterhead, a prolific lofi recordist from chicago. this latest thing is called 'slack tide', and that album title seems to fit with the vibes of the lush bedroom music to be found within.

feels more fleshed out than previous releases, even more emphasis on homemade maximalism. piano is featured prominently in many songs. reminds me in some ways of the stately art-pop of john cale at his most laid back.

get it here.

william csorba - high water everywhere (houston, may 2015)

this is sort of a digital re-issue of 'high water everywhere (houston, may 2015)', an experimental album by texas guitarist william csorba. apparently, he has updated it and just gotten it right.

it contains two long form songs, the title song is beautiful 20 minute-plus guitar ramble set to the drone of torrential rain. 'cloudy on parnassus' is a sound collage, also over 20 minutes, which features some extremely psychedelic, tuning-peg-snapping guitar playing among other strange sounds. recommended.

get it here.

pulco - undersea session

pulco (ash cooke) doesn't quit. here is 'undersea sessions', his fifth release this year (does not count many releases by his more experimental project pethau garw).

it's a handful of tunes recorded years ago for a friend's radio show, each tune comes with a short preamble or radio introduction, with a narrative frame of being undersea in some kind of diving bell and many references to william blake. take a dive with pulco on this one. these are sweet, craftsman-like songs, presented with just voice and guitar. ash's voice is really nice in this setting. the songs sound like lullabies.

get it here.


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