2015 tape selections and 2016 tapes I-V

here is some lofi stuff i have recorded recently doing some experiments with tapes. it's mostly instrumental drone/noise/folk.


'2015 tape selections' was taken from recordings made on a panasonic 830b hand held tape recorder during 2015. the tapes used to make the recordings were old and decayed, which created variations in recording quality and ambient sounds.

'2016 tapes I-V' was recorded just this month on a tascam 464. they represent a soundtrack to a movie that plays in the listener's head; a real soundtrack to an imaginary movie. these songs were recorded on new tapes, so ambient sounds are consistent.

get them here. also available at practice records. there are more songs i am working on that i am excited about. if you want to check out a rough mix, you can download that here.


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