buck gooter - eat my isolation (video)

the stark industrial surface of buck gooter's 'eat my isolation', from their latest LP 'the spider's eyes', reveals its own kind of subtleties. the spaces between the pounding beats allow time to notice the decay of the reverb on the rigid drum machine and the textures in terry turtle's fried blues/punk riffage. there is room within this stripped down electrical dirge to ponder how the lyrics meld with this landscape.

the screams and proclamations interact with the music...'sometimes it's all i've got, ringing like a siren'...and a strangely organic tinny bell goes one-two-three in time with the drum machine slams. the vibe is completely present. the song is accompanied here by some gritty super-8 tour footage, the bleak american landscapes fit the music well, but so do the shots of musicians having fun/living on the road, somehow.

get 'the spider's eyes' here.


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