howard blake - freak

howard blake is an recording artist from philadelphia that deals with extremely confrontational lyrical themes. as i did when i posted about him before, i gotta say, there is certain content in this EP that might bother some people (it was banned from soundcloud?). there is content that i would object to, but i am going to give it the benefit of the doubt that there is a conceptual angle.

a contender for best artist profile picture for sure

this one is a little different than the last one, there is more production in that the uncomfortable, angry screeds, full of images of semi-urban bleakness and alienation, are spoken/rapped over seemingly canned techno-ish and metal/rock music that appears at inconsistent volumes from song to song. having moved on bit from the extreme minimalism of the 1st EP, this sound is reminiscent of sleaford mods. howard has a talent for infusing mundane and everyday scenes and feelings with a strange menace. what he says might be hard to hear but it sounds honest. he has some newer stuff that you can stream here on his tumblr, and plans for a new full length album with a band.

get it here.


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