new boss - home problems

fuzzed-out western virginia power-pop/glam-rock band new boss put out two good cassettes in 2015; a collection of demos that appeared as a split cassette with fellow virginians borrowed beams of light, and a full length called 'twee boogie vol. I & II' that was one of my favorite records of the year. their new album 'home problems' (pre-order the cassette here from funny/not funny records) has fully realized versions of songs from the split cassette as well as some new material. the high-brow pop and glam moves are on full blast for this release.

chord heavy songs with huge guitar riffs, keyboard hooks and intricate vocal arrangements stay just on the rocking side of baroque. the multi-headed ghost god of the recently departed and deeply missed david bowie haunts this album for sure. my favorite song is probably 'raw ramp', a non-cover of a t. rex b-side. 'rock n' roll pt. 3' is a heavy jam as well.

digital here, cassette pre-order here.


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