rachel cholst - rough draft

i am happy today to present an EP by rachel cholst, who maintains the very active and wide-searching music blog adobe and teardrops (she has even been kind enough to write about a few of my things). on her bandcamp site she explains that after writing about music and being such a passionate music person for so long she ought to do it herself, too. here is her first attempt, on the first day of 2016. this is the perfect kind of contribution for MFOA because by it's nature it gets to part of what i try to promote here, which is that the only thing between you and being a musician, if you want to be one, is doing it for the first time, like rachel is.

you can put yourself on bandcamp or soundcloud with your songs and you are out there, you are legitimate, you're a musician, and i'll celebrate you with a post here on MFOA and hopefully some more people will listen. rachel's songs here are good too, a trio of personal folk ballads that sound like they've been kicking around her head forever.

get it here.


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