sophomore lounge double post - lantern and footings

kentucky based label sophomore lounge records is a friend of MFOA and they sent me some singles from some upcoming releases. here they are in a double post.


first up is lantern, a long running philadelphia trio with many small label releases under their belt. 'we are here', the single from their new album 'black highways and green garden roads', is a retro psych/pop freak-out. the atmospheric harmonies, surfy guitar riffs and dense organs will remind you of of the jams from the seminal nuggets collection. the recording itself is sensitive to this aesthetic, and i imagine the LP will sound great.

next is footings, the recording project of  massachusetts/new hampshire songwriter eric gagne. their new album is called 'alienation', and will be available on cassette from sophomore lounge. the single 'SY', is a moody, textured song, with ominous viola drones and tom waits-ish percussion moves.

pre-order both of 'em from sophomore lounge records.


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