unqualified nurse band - dilemma blues

for their new EP 'dilemma blues', prolific noise/punk act unqualified nurse, from derby, UK, has added a rhythm section and become unqualified nurse band. the overwhelming distortion and nihilistic vibes have not changed, but the addition of drums and bass has given the material dynamics that the solo project didn't have.

while unqualified nurse succeeded on the atmosphere of extreme isolation, rage and dread that the recordings imparted, unqualified nurse band is some real slammin' shit around music. the excellent final track, 'regression' even has some garage rock riffs. they've tipped the scale slightly further to the punk side of noise/punk with this release, and it works well. they seem to have stuck to their policy of extremely short songs, so it won't take up a lot of your time. highly recommended.

get it here.


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