crystalline roses with the yankee entertainer - two man cult

it's been awhile, but finally there is a new release from the excellent small label dying for bad music. this time it's a weird and warped take on traditional american folk from crystalline roses AKA anthony pasquarosa, who also currently has a record out under his regular name on VDSQ records. the new tape on DFBM is called 'two man cult'.

among it's spacey, meditative instrumental excursions for various stringed mountain-type instruments, it presents songs by a number of classic american folk artists; a.p. carter, michael hurley, dock boggs, and more. these takes have a time-slipping, droning, psychedelic nature to them. traditional american folk music generally has an element of drone to it, and this seems to be the facet upon which anthony has cast his hermetic musical gaze.

get it on tape here from dying for bad music.


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