robert kidney - big paradise

'big paradise' is the lead single from 'jackleg', an upcoming solo album from robert kidney, singer/guitarist from the infamous cleveland proto-punk/'aggro-blues' band 15-60-75, AKA the numbers band. i was excited when this got sent my way, as i have been a fan of the numbers band since hearing some mp3s of theirs ripped from an LP and posted on an arcane blog years ago. the numbers band were a wild, boogie-ish, raw, loud, weird blues/rock/punk band and i highly recommend listening to them.

on 'jackleg', robert goes acoustic with his expressive guitar playing and country-blues-gone-strange songs for a more meditative experience. 'big paradise' has an ominous, dusty, desert blues vibe, with the guitar strings clattering against the frets and his voice rumbling like distant thunder. the album has sweeter moods as well, such as the beautiful 'rosalee'. i highly recommend picking this one up.

get it here on CD or LP from exit stencil recordings.

check out this live numbers band video too:


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