bishops - dream easy

'dream easy' is the latest full length album from harrisonburg, VA rock band bishops. between bishops and azores, another harrisonburg band i wrote about last week which shares members with bishops, that town seems to have a lock on urgent, emotional punk-inflected power-pop with heavy songwriting skills.

bishops are masters of big choruses, sometimes employing the classic move of stomping on some type of rat or muff pedal to really make it hit home; think weezer's first record. the vocals on 'dream easy' are distorted in such a way as to re-enforce the hungover-before-the-night-ends vibes. listen closely for some sweet and subtle guitar melodies that pop up every once in awhile, and some shreddy solos. the album is out on cassette on valley cat records 7/12. you can preview the single 'think' for now. the title track is my favorite jam, but you'll have to wait.

pre-order the cassette here.


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