andrew weathers - rock & roll can & will heal us

andrew weathers is a prolific musical creator based in oakland, california. he's that classic kind of MFOA contributor who's super-numerous releases go back years and explore styles, genres and methods of production widely.

his latest release, 'rock & roll can & will save us' (great title) is mostly in the ambient mode, containing evocatively named, bright, vast synth-scapes. the songs have a retro vibe, reminding me a lot of brian eno, without to much of the ultra-lofi crust that can characterize many contemporary ambient releases. the fourth track, 'horchata chronologos', adds a layer of cosmic americana/drone/folk to the ambient sound by including some banjo and guitar burbling like a psychedelic brook on top of the synths. some people might find the title of this album misleading, but those people would be squares.

get it here, cassette or digital. andrew also runs a label called full spectrum records, which counts a cassette by MFOA favorite wes tirey among it's releases.


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