pulco - farmyard & library

'farmyard & library', the newest album by super prolific welsh DIY/lofi musician pulco, might be the ultimate example of his style. it's a long album of short songs, and it's all over the place. pleasant britpop melodies are sandwiched between industrial soundscapes, snaky guitar riffage, and spoken word experimentation. strange parables are recited over post-punk drum machine blast-beats.

i think there is a concept to this album, it is both a celebration and a condemnation of ultra-modernity, how the new things we find ourselves having to deal with can be freeing and can also be huge bummers. each time I listen to this, a strange comparison comes to mind; the donovan of the weird spoken word fable-song 'atlantis' jamming with swell maps and throbbing gristle. take that for what it's worth. also, in a trans-atlantic collaboration, i jam some guitar and drum machines on the deep cut 'unleash the hounds' (thanks ash for letting me contribute).

get it digital here or on cassette from liquid library.


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