dioxadol borges - siconauta tourist class

dioxadol borges is a mysterious person, i will have to let his artist bio from the pan y rosas discos website speak for itself:

'uruguayan composer born in montevideo. with five albums on the web he is a well known musician in the montevideo underground. he doesn’t perform live and his true identity is unknown. some believe that he is a pianist frustrated with the national orchestra who is believed to have disappeared in 2005.'

his latest album is called 'siconauta tourist class', which i interpret as being a psychedelic traveler relegated to the cheap seats. it's an appropriate title. this album sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a low budget sci-fi cartoon, like heavy metal, but a south american LSD disco/hip-hop version. it sounds like it was all composed and recorded on one or two keyboards, but it's dense with structural ideas, psychedelic experiments and genre mash-ups. this is a weird one and it is highly recommended. a good place to break into the wealth of experimental riches available on the pan y rosas netlabel, too, as it contains more stuff that would be considered accessible or 'musical' by most people than the average PYR release.

get it for free here.


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