lauren sarah hayes - manipulation

'manipulation' by lauren sarah hayes is one of those albums where i need to share the artist's description with you as well as my own:

'MANIPULATION is a collection of unedited one-take improvisations performed on unpredictable ecological hybrid analogue/digital/human systems. instability arises from the fragilities of touch-based engagement and mutually affecting relationships within the technology.'

based on that, 'manipulation' is an album that explores processes of music making (the conversion of actions in recordings or audio artifacts) and the interaction between humans and machines of various categories. 

conceptual ideas aside, the music now exists. minimal tunes, shifting synth-tone melodies over stark electronic rhythms that mutate over the length of the song. i love the cover art for this album, it really undercuts the high concept gravity of the description, while matching the sometimes playful feel of the music.

get it here for free from pan y rosas discos.


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