patkus - these are but dreaming men, they breathe and they fade

philadelphia based ambient/drone guitarist patkus is back with a new release called 'these are but dreaming men, they breathe and they fade'. it's a mystical sounding set of hazy soundscapes built from winding, looping guitar figures and drifting shoals of feedback. the overall vibe is of distant mystery with a darkness creeping in at the margins.

there are no lyrics, but there are two references in the song titles to a line from the rubaiyat of omar khayyam, 'tamam shud', which figures prominently in an as-yet-unsolved cold war era john doe case from australia that has all sorts of weird implications. that sort of gives a preview of the atmosphere this album creates: unidentified bodies, possible international spies, ancient persian poetry, misty beaches.

get it here.


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