the bordellos - how to lose friends and influence no-one

the bordellos are a lofi folk/rock band from the UK. their latest album is called 'how to lose friends and influence no-one'. the songs have a shambling psychedelic folk vibe and a punk rock anger and attitude to the lyrics, despite a kind of deadpan delivery. the sounds range from spacey acoustic strum-alongs with nice melodies and weird sound effects to more abrasive, amplified, distorted screeds.

the overall theme seems to be an intense frustration with the state of the 'music industry' (check out songs such as 'piss on spotify' and 'did the bastards at the BBC kill john peel?'). that might be a little bit like don quixote going out and singing pissed-off lofi psych/folk songs at windmills, but it's still fun to listen to. the lengthy and strange 'i no longer speak the international language of kojak, kapiche' is my favorite track.

get it here, digital or on CD with some nice DIY packaging and artwork.


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