leisa haddad - the invisible woman

leisa haddad is a brooklyn, new york based singer/songwriter. her debut album is out now digitally and is called 'the invisible woman'. leisa's music is sophisticated, thinking person's folk/pop. there is a lot of wit in her literary, personal lyrics, and they are delivered in a clear voice with a wide emotional range, from deadpan humor to vulnerable sorrow. a tasteful trio of guitar, bass and drums, with occasional guitar embellishments, backs her up.

these wistful tunes are what i would call 'late night/early morning songs'...full of a potent mix of hope and regret, a place where opposites become the same thing. in her email to me, leisa said she 'prayed to the ghost of lou reed'...they share a certain expertise at that 'late night/early morning' vibe. recommended.

get it here.


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