shawna virago - heaven sent delinquent

shawna virago is a san fransisco based transwoman singer/songwriter. i normally don't emphasize much about the identities of modern folk contributors but in light of the intolerance, ignorance and hatred that has found an unfortunately loud new space in the american conversation i want to affirm that i am happy to able to feature the music of all types of people here. that stuff aside, the purpose of this post is to encourage you to listen to shawna's music. her album 'heaven sent delinquent' is a collection of songs in a classic folk-rooted singer/songwriter style, with emotional and anthemic elements. her lyrics deal with her own struggles and those of other characters who find themselves marginalized just because of who they are in a vast, mythical america.

i hear a lot of bruce springsteen in these songs, with a fearless punk edge. the production is simple; voice and guitar with a few overdubs, a style which lets the craft of the songs and the stories within come through.

get it here.


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