beloved other - beloved other and the instant chain (a songbook)

beloved other, AKA dayvid mcclung, takes a novel approach to releasing his music via bandcamp with his 'beloved other and the instant chain (a songbook)'. instead of existing as a set album available for download, it's an ever-changing collection, with each track available individually, versions subject to change or removal, with new songs always being added. i always appreciate when someone thinks of a new way to use the platform bandcamp has offered.

musically, 'beloved other and the instant chain (a songbook)' is a series of slow, dark, atmospheric folk/rock songs, centering mainly on acoustic guitar and distant vocals. in keeping with the shifting nature of the release, some songs are subdued demo versions, while some, like 'diamond spring everlasting', are fully realized dream rock jams.

experience it here.


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