hartley c. white - something better

hartley c. white is a new york/jamaican musician who invented his own style of music called 'who-pa-zoo-tic' (explanation: "a non-classical music utilizing a broken rhythm; 'who': indicating a lack of restrictions and ability to change while still remaining unknown, 'zoo': indicating life in its various forms and conditions"). his latest album 'something better' sounds like a lofi blend of poetry, free jazz, punk and industrial music, with the looming influence of dub reggae and funkadelic. if you think of most rock/pop type bands as being oriented around the rhythm of the drum kit, think of hartley's music as being oriented around the fragmented beat of his poetry, which manages to be both forceful and laid back in its delivery.

the themes are life-affirming, in the sense of being protective of all life against the forces that might favor other priorities, and revolutionary. the backing band/production team consists of the folks behind the can't-say-enough-good-things OSR label, including founder zach phillips and singer/songwriter christina schneider, who have been tending the fire of hartley's music over a series of albums. the release of 'something better' unfortunately marks the end of OSR. everything in their catalog is on deep sale, and the whole digital catalog is less than $30 at the bandcamp. goes for good in june. act now. this hartley c. white record is highly recommended, and everything on OSR is great.

get it here, while you can.


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