joplin rice - nine songs

dedicated readers of MFOA might know kentucky singer/songwriter joplin rice as a repeat contributor and from his cassette release on practice records. late in 2016 he returned with a new album called 'nine songs', a collection of stately, melancholy compositions that are perfect for the reflective vibes of a bitter cold january morning.

the production on 'nine songs' is lush in it's restraint, featuring tightly doubled vocals and the interplay of two acoustic guitars, with the occasional piano. this intimate combo makes it hard not to think of elliott smith when it's done this well. joplin's guitar playing is as deft and acute as the emotional tenor of his songwriting across these nine heartbroken stories. i can't get enough of the silvery solo for classical guitar that opens the final track, 'over again'. highly recommended. while you're at it, go to practice records and buy a cassette of his older album 'low hum', there are a couple left.

name your price for 'nine songs' here.


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